01 / Experience

Our team has a combined experience of 50 years in trading, manufacturing, product development, startups, technology, and quality inspection; we have been involved in creating and growing companies in several fields with different products, and we have experienced a lot of challenges throughout our work, with the ascent of the blockchain technology understanding and the market readiness for it, we decided it is the right time to introduce our decentralized trading platform.

02 / Vision

To be the largest trusted platform for global and domestic trades, and the first choice for all business transaction across the globe, with a mission of Empowering every business with a strong platform and powerful tools for growing their market reach and secure their business activities, while opening the door to limitless opportunities for small and medium enterprises, through transparency of market parameters and low entry barriers to compete, enabling a growing and prosperous trade economy.

03 / Solution

Catena is a decentralized trading platform and exchange built mainly on the Blockchain technology and introducing new algorithms and AI protocols to boost the trade economy. 

Catena tends to apply revolutionary technologies and algorithms utilizing the blockchain technology, in order to build a robust platform that would disrupt and ultimately change how the trade economy performs.