Efficient Trading Platform  is a set of smart contracts that understands the requirements for each trade as set by the buyer/seller, it opens the opportunity of having different buyers and sellers on the same order/contract, as it can match a seller order of a big MOQ with multiple buyers and solve different supply chain parameters based on the pre-registered requirements, engaging different delivery options, if required, to build one single executable contract that can bring this trade to success. 

Our Users don’t need any coding experience, it is just an interface to choose and allocate certain requirements of a deal, and Catena will do the rest.

Catena offers a compromised solution to all decentralized exchanges limitations, Catena is set with a very healthy order book connected to various exchanges and compiling it onto a decentralized platform, in addition to that it is equipped with the order matching AI that will make it very easy and efficient to trade and have more advanced features than a normal centralized exchange, but at the same time giving the foundation and all advantages of a decentralized exchange.

The Order Matching AI executes a strategic algorithm using mathematical modeling of the game theory in order to allocate the best routes on the exchange, to perform the ideal business transaction, this is not a typical search engine for buyers and sellers to find each other rather than a scientifically rooted guidance for all parties in a business deal to find the optimum solution for a win-win situation looking for a repeated business in the future.

2. ETP